Moving Mountains Kenya

Moving Mountains Kenya is a registered NGO based in Nairobi with a remit country-wide for charitable work including schools, orphanages, clinics, rescue centres, family support centres, community centres, sports programmes and hundreds of children and their families currently receiving support. Additionally it provides long term career opportunities to people who would otherwise struggle to get full time employment.

All the office administrative costs in Nairobi are absorbed by Adventure Alternative and the company provides the charity with vehicles, extra staffing and support. The successful business model that Gavin has pioneered means that the charity provides capital investment for the projects, and the company subsequently provides revenue streams through access to a tourism market. This enables the projects to become financially self-sufficient and for the charity to avoid long term dependency.

All projects are developed slowly over a number of years with the local community and their committees and after completion they are handed over to the community to manage alongside the Moving Mountains Kenya committee.

Many of the Moving Mountains Kenya Board, staff and volunteers are former street children or beneficiaries of the charity which has resulted in a really strong, dedicated team who want to give back the opportunities that they received as they were growing up. It's a great team of passionate young adults who aside from running the NGO have proven to be great role models for all the other kids who continue to come through Moving Mountains in Kenya.