Moving Mountains Trust - UK

Moving Mountains was started by Adventure Alternative founder Gavin Bate in 1991 during his years of travelling and developmental aid work in east Africa, Nepal and latterly Borneo. It has the bulk of its administrative overheads paid for by Adventure Alternative, and all the Trustees work voluntarily.

Moving Mountains and all its stakeholders determine the content of all trips that Adventure Alternative provides for the charity. This is to ensure that the emphasis is on the developmental impact of the trip. It also provides the strategy for the charitable aims and gives grants for projects and programmes in Kenya, Nepal and Borneo.

The primary aim of Moving Mountains UK is to provide grants to the other 'MM' organisations for the relief of hardship, poverty, suffering and inequality. This is done through education and vocational training, medical treatment and health care, personal development and employment.

It also provides capital to build, renovate and maintain schools, childrens homes, community centres and environmental projects, all of which must show a positive socio-economic impact on the population.

The money for Moving Mountains is mostly fundraised by volunteers and groups who come out on a trip which is organised by Adventure Alternative. A lot of attention and effort is made to ensure there is efficient spending on relevant aims, and we have also have an employee to manage day to day correspondence and management and training of volunteers.

Moving Mountains on top of Everest.jpg

Gavin Bate takes the Moving Mountains logo to the summit of Mount Everest on May 20 2011.